Christian Bale’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Performance Described as “Terrifying” and “Fascinatng”

The most recent trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder provided the first look at the film’s villain, Gorr the God Butcher, brought to life by two-time Oscar winner Christian Bale. Much has been made about the drastic changes to the character’s appearance, but Bale certainly gave off some chilling vibes in his short time in the trailer. According to co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, it sounds like the trailer is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes.

In an interview with Disney’s D23 magazine, Hemsworth discussed the stark contrast between Bale’s performance and the vibe typically associated with a Taika Waititi production:

The rest of us would be in our world of improvisation, comedy, and fun – then he’d walk on set, and we’d all look at each other and say ‘Oh, my God! This is really intense. This is really scary.

Chris Hemsworth

Thompson backed up Hemsworth’s take, adding that the actor was able to balance the terrifying intensity with the vibrant world in which the film takes place.

(Bale) toed this really great line, because he needs to be terrifying, but he also needs to work in the context of our colorful, snappy, irreverent world.

Tessa Thompson

Perhaps the high praise for Bale’s performance from Hemsworth and Thompson will keep the critics at bay until audiences get a chance to see just how it all comes together. Hemsworth says the film is intended to “surprise, impress and disorientate” fans, assuring that Waititi “masterfully” accomplished that.

Thor: Love and Thunder debuts in theaters on July 8th.

Source: D23 Magazine via The Direct

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