Connecting Imaginary Dots: A ‘LOKI’ Character May Come From Fantastic Four Comic

If you’ve never read an installment of Connecting Imaginary Dots, allow me to explain the idea. Connecting Imaginary Dots was the title I came up with for my speculation pieces when I was writing at MCU Exchange. These types of pieces basically allow me to unload a bunch of junk that’s circulating in my brain in a way that should never be confused for things I actually expect to happen. I basically take a bunch of facts that are almost always entirely unrelated and do my best to connect the dots with by stretching my imagination. In the past these types of pieces have resulted in me theorizing that the Spider-Man sequel which became Far From Home might end up being a team-up outing of Spidey and Hulk in the Savage Land;however, I also wrote one theorizing that Sterling K. Brown would be playing the father of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther LOOOOOONG before anyone else was considering it and one in which I theorized that Annette Bening was actually Mar-Vell when everyone else still thought Jude Law was playing the character and, more recently, one in which I tried to connect some dots that would allow Spider-Woman to be a Sony/Marvel Studios cooperative effort much like the two most recent Spider-Man films. The bottom line is this: these are fun spec pieces that allow me to just be a fan. With that out of the way…

Last week, The Illuminerdi relayed some information on some characters set to play a supporting role in the upcoming Marvel Studios streaming series, Loki. In that article, they included the following information about a character named “Casey”:

Casey – Open to any ethnicity or gender. Casey is a good natured, yet exhausted intern. Extremely likeable. Great comedy skills. Casey’s entire career has been spent indoors and always does things by the books even when things are out of their control. A supporting character needed for 4 episodes

When I first read about the role, a role for which Marvel Studios is looking for non-binary actors, I assumed it was a fairly generic role that was created to add some more humor to the office atmosphere of the Time Variance Authority. Last night, when researching another character set to appear in the series (sorry, I’m not quite ready to run that piece yet today), I was surprised to learn that a TVA employee named Casey already existed!

First appearing in Fantastic Four #354, Casey is an alien of unknown origin who operates a timespace transport (the Illinois Central Cannonball Express) for the TVA. In the issue, Casey helps the Fantastic Four escape the TVA by giving them a lift back to their own time on his impressive cross-time express.

This was Casey’s one and only appearance in the comics and it was a brief one where he openly defied the orders of one of his supervisors, Mobius M. Mobius. Now there is no certainty that the Casey we see in Loki is this Casey, is based on this Casey or has anything to do with Casey in any way, shape or form; however, it’s certainly worth thinking about and, at the very least, opens the flood gates to deluge of new ideas about what might actually be happening in Loki!

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