Connecting Imaginary Dots: A Newly Formed LLC Could Hint at Ghost Rider Joining the MCU

A new Marvel Studios production LLC might be a hint that they’re working on a Disney+ series involving Danny Ketch’s Ghost Rider. It was recently revealed that Richmond Street Productions LLC was one among many new production companies created by Marvel Studios. Apart from the fact that Richmond Street Productions is listed as a production entity for a DTC (direct-to-consumer) streaming series, it might seem innocuous upon first look but when checking out that street in Brooklyn you can see how close it is to the Cypress Hill Cemetery.

Not only is Cypress Hill a featured location in 90’s Ghost Rider runs and the cemetery itself a base of the Midnight Sons for a time, it’s also the location where we first meet Danny Ketch in Ghost Rider Vol 3 #1. While oftentimes the production companies reference the events the film or TV show, they do occasionally reference the comics, like Grass-Fed Productions being used for Secret Invasion is a making a joke about some Skrulls who were tricked into transforming into cows in Fantastic Four Vol 1 #2. If Richmond Street Productions is a reference to Danny Ketch, it would seem to suggest a localised setting similar to the 90’s comic run. 

Danny Ketch, Ghost Rider (Origin) - Comic Basics

Marvel Studios currently has 10 unannounced streaming series that haven’t been reported on at various stages of development. Nova, Secret Warriors, and Illuminati are other candidates for projects within those 10. Limited liability companies are created to mitigate risk and keep the accounting for each project separate, which might mean they are in the processes of hiring writers once the LLCs are created. With Marion Dayre listed as a showrunner for a yet-to-be announced Marvel Studios show, it seems Marvel Studios could be gathering creative talent for a new round of projects.

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