‘Cowboy Bebop’ Cast and Showrunner on What to Expect in a Potential Season 2

cowboy bebop season 2

Netflix’s adaptation of Cowboy Bebop has finally arrived. while met with a mixed reception, the first series ends on a curious note building up the future of this new take of the original. The ending left the series to head into its unique direction. While there’s still no second season renewal, the cast and its showrunner André Nemec sat down with Polygon to tease what the future has in store for the new live-action adaptation.

Elena Satine shared her excitement on taking a different direction with her character and how the ending of the first season could build up a very different direction, which was further highlighted by Vicious actor Alex Hassel, as he put it:

There’s potential to step further away from the story of the anime in terms of that character now.

Alex Hassel

The ending also pushed our team in a very unique direction from the original, which was a bit more of a dramatic direction for what was quite peppy up to that point. The arrival of Radical Ed, who is played by newcomer Eden Perkins, also might change the dynamic and tease a mysterious “butterfly man.” Showrunner Nemec also teased that there are quite a few things they brainstormed for a second season.

In the early days of sitting in a writer’s room it was ‘what’s your favorite episode and why.’ And putting those on the board and looking at them and being like, we can’t craft stories from all of these. So there are definitely moments, characters, scenes, bits, worlds, that I am desperate and dying to explore in the — fingers crossed — season 2.

André Nemec

Netflix is no stranger to renewing a series for at least a second season due to production costs, but we’re still waiting for an official word on it. They’ve started venturing more and more into the live-action adaptation of popular anime series. It’ll be interesting to see how they evolve as time goes by and new creative teams tackle different projects.

Source: Polygon

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