Dakota Johnson In Talks to Play ‘Madame Web’ For Sony

The threat of Sony making more Marvel films themselves looms over our heads as the studio continues to make bank from Spider-Man: No Way Home and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. One of the films the studio is eyeing is Madame Web, a long-rumored project that Dakota Johnson is now reportedly in talks to star in.

The caveat is that sources to Deadline are saying that this project may end up as something else due to the limited appearances the character has had in comics. Deadline is saying that Johnson shot to the top of Sony’s list of A-list stars they want for the film during the holidays. Should this project push through, our own sources tell us that it will film in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Sony has long been planning to make a female-led superhero film within the realm of the Spidey comics they have access to. Spider-Woman is a film the studio is currently working on with Olivia Wilde attached to direct. In addition to that, projects like Silver & Black and the crazy-sounding Aunt May spin-off are films they have worked on at some point. Madame Web joins the likes of Kraven and Morbius as one of the many Spidey-centric films Sony is working on.

Source: Deadline

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