Danny Elfman on the Challenge of Creating Wanda’s Theme in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a special kind of MCU film, as it not only brought back director Sam Raimi but also long-time composer Danny Elfman. While he helped out in the past, it was something special to see him take over for the Doctor Strange sequel. In an interview with Fandom, the composer talked about what it was like tackling the project and highlighted the difficulty of creating a villain theme for Wanda.

Writing for Wanda and her character, she’s the weirdest antagonist I’ve ever written for. When you think of a Marvel antagonist, you think of Thanos. When you think of a classic villain, you think of Darth Vader and you think of writing these big, heavy, dark themes that play their characters. You don’t think of a woman whose entire purpose is not to possess the universe but just to return to her children… who never quite really existed. It’s crazy! So it really was a writing challenge, because I have to write a theme that can be malevolent but also, I want it to feel heartbreaking at the same time. She’s a very unique character.

Danny Elfman

It certainly sounds like it was quite a challenge to find a balance between the evil and kindness that represents Wanda’s transformation into the Scarlet Witch. She creates a very different kind of villain, as while Winter Soldier was also a former ally, Wanda’s motivation is very much grounded with some evil magic adding that extra push off the ledge. Yet, her reasonings are technically from a good place, as she wants to be back with her children. The theme that Elfman ended up with perfectly brought both of those worlds together.

Source: Fandom

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