‘Fant4stic’ Writer Responds to John Krasinski as Reed Richards

It might be a while before people stop commenting on the biggest surprise cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. When the titular Master of the Mystic Arts and his newest protégé, America Chavez, find themselves stuck on the alternate Earth-838, they are confronted by that world’s mightiest superhero team – The Illuminati. One of the leading members of that team is John Krasinski‘s Reed Richards, billed as the smartest man on Earth-838 and head of the Baxter Foundation.

The character reveal was a huge shock to audiences. Very few people expected to see the patriarch of the Fantastic Four back on the big screen so soon, let alone played by one of the most popular fan casts in comic book internet history. The last time Richards was in a movie, it was 2015’s Fant4stic, where a younger version of the hero was brought to life by Miles Teller. One of that film’s writers, Jeremy Slater, has now reacted to Reed’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking with Comic Book, the creative revealed his enthusiasm for Krasinski in the role:

I think Krasinski is a really cool choice if that’s who they go with for whoever the real version of Reed that gets introduced. I think he’d be an awesome choice. We didn’t get to see him do a lot of fun stuff in there — [the Scarlet Witch vs. the Illuminati] was much more of an introduction and a sort of glorified cameo.

Jeremy Slater

Slater just finished a run writing Moon Knight for Marvel Studios. He’s received a lot of flack for his work on Fant4stic in the past, which was a critical and financial failure, but the writer has publicly stated he does not claim ownership for the movie. Supposedly, only a single line of dialogue Slater wrote made it into the final film.

Go see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in theaters now.

Source: Comic Book

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