‘Darby and the Dead’ Actress Teases “Refreshing” Take on Modern High School

darby and the dead

While high school settings have been popular in films for as long as anyone can remember, it has always been interesting in comparing how things have changed over the years. Darby and the Dead is the latest addition to the genre and while the main focus will be on the story focusing on a girl that can talk with a deceased popular girl, it’s also about exploring what it’s like to be in modern high school.

In the official press conference, actress Nicole Maines shared how they tried to explore this “high school environment” of today while still “breathing new life” into how the usual popular kids are seen.

I feel like what brings this movie into the realm of being the Clueless or the Mean Girls or the next Heathers is it very, like Genneya said, accurately depicts what the high school environment is today. And I think that is breathing new life into what we think of as the popular girls or the popular kids.

Nicole Maines

She also goes on to talk about how this film focuses on having the top dogs of this high school come from “marginalized communities” which further reflects modern high schools and adds something refreshing.

And I think that what this film does spectacularly, and what is groundbreaking about it is that it showcases diverse and marginalized communities, particularly women, thriving and existing at the top of the food chain, which we never get to do. And now we’re seeing them as top dogs, and it’s really refreshing to see. And it was really refreshing and exciting to get to be a part of that. And to get to be the top dog for a second. It was a little fun.

Nicole Maines

There’s always the challenge of making something familiar feel fresh and new, especially as the world around us continues to change and diversify. So, it does seem like it was a core focus in this project especially while still exploring that anyone can be on any part of the food chain of high school.

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