Darcy’s Role in ‘WANDAVISION’ Revealed

Last night’s WandaVision trailer took the hype for the upcoming Disney Plus streaming series to another level while leaving fans with more questions than answers. The trailer gave us our first look at Kathryn Hahn’s mysterious Agnes, a look at Teyonah Parris’ grown-up Monica Rambeau taking a mysterious trip and ending up with what we assume to be a group of SWORD agents. It also set the table for one of the show’s many interesting premises: Vision’s missing memories (and maybe Wanda’s as well?). We see the manifestation of this issue while Mr. and Mrs. Heart, dinner guests of Wanda and Vision’s, ask questions about the happy couple who have just moved into the town of Westview and neither are able to answer.



Now whether or not Wanda can answer and chooses not to is a question for another time (I don’t THINK she can, though); it’s clear from the look on Vision’s face, however, that he does not know how he came to be where he is. Later in the trailer, Hahn’s character bluntly tells Vision that he is dead, much to his surprise. From what we can gather, it seems that, as rumored, Wanda and Vision are living in an alternate reality where the events of Avengers: Infinity War have no hold. They are married, have children, and live in a happy little world where Vision still has the Mind Stone firmly embedded in his forehead. But we know there’s more to the story than just this new reality and it’s what’s happening outside that bubble that brings Darcy into play!



As we reported here, while Wanda and Viz are happy in their bubble, life goes on in the real world, where someone is collecting the parts of the synthezoid Avenger and reassembling him. When Vision finally finds himself humpty-dumptied back together again, much like in the Vision Quest arc, he finds his memories are not intact; in fact, he has absolutely no recollection of his demise at the hands of Wanda (nor, apparently much of the time following the work done on him by Shuri) and it falls on the shoulders of Kat Denning’s Darcy to fill in the blanks. We don’t quite know how Darcy and Vision end up crossing paths but we’ve heard from sources that Darcy ends up being a key figure in getting Vision back on his feet. One scene described to us has Darcy informing a very confused Vision of the tragic circumstances of his death. And so whatever series of events that have transpired since the last time we saw her, Darcy somehow ends up working on piecing the Vision back together again. As with many of the scoops we share, we know we’re missing some context here so it’ll be interesting to see this all unfold when the series streams LATER THIS YEAR!!!!!


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