Data Leaks Reveal Spider-Man & Black Panther Coming to ‘Fortnite’

Once again we are diving into the world of data leaks. To add some variety, we are going to explore a different game. Today’s focus will be one of Twitch’s most popular games, Fortnite. Yes, even Epic’s game isn’t safe from data miners. They just entered their fourth chapter that was titled Nexus War. It is a massive crossover with Marvel that features characters like Thor, Iron Man, Galactus, and many more. The iconic Battle Royale map has also been completely overhauled for the event. Looks like there is still more to come, as a few data miners have uncovered achievements that hint at the addition of Spider-Man at some point.

It all started when it was uncovered that a variety of costumes are included in the game from Marvel that has yet to be confirmed. Not too long ago, it was leaked that a potential Silver Surfer outfit would be added at some point. Most of the design already seemed ready to launch.

These were confirmed by data miners ShiinaBR and HYPEX, who then also shared the visuals of the in-game bundle in action. These users have been actively sharing details on the massive crossover event. It doesn’t end there, as they also found unique sounds that would also confirm the appearance of a Black Panther skin.

Now, let’s get to the big reveal with the least evidence so far. The inclusion of Silver Surfer and Black Panther does confirm some credibility to what they found within the game’s data. In addition to these reveals, there was a curious inclusion of achievements for Spider-Man. Most notably, one that includes his iconic logo. There is also data that suggests that Carnage is also a potential skin within the game’s code.

Unlike Silver Surfer, we have no idea what designs these characters will have. Still, Fortnite art design is great in translating these characters into 3D models. Iron Man, She-Hulk, and Doom look great in-game already. So, these additions are going to fit right in. This season has been a massive event with countless new characters being added to the game. It will be interesting to see just how big this will end by the time Marvel and Epic have revealed all their plans.

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