Details on ‘WANDAVISION’ That Will Drive You Into Madness

While we have seemed to learn a great deal about Marvel Studios The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, much about the production of Kevin Feige’s brainchild, WandaVision, has remained under wraps as the majority of the filming has taken place on stage. Fortunately, production has moved off stage over the past couple of days and while we can’t be sure what was filmed as Disney’s snipers are patrolling the perimeter, we can speculate about what they might have been filming at two recent locations.

Over the past few days, WandaVision has filmed off stage at two primary locations: the Southern Regional Medical Center, located in Riverdale, Georgia and Starr’s Mill High School, located in Fayetteville, Georgia.

I have been told by multiple sources that the first half of the series will pay homage to great sitcoms over the years and span the course of time from the 50s until present day. I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch have been cited as inspirations for the first half of the show and I’ve given some details on that in the past. We know from Feige that, at some point, the show will evolve into a full-on Marvel Studios action film and, if my recent rumor is correct, could introduce the villain Nightmare into the MCU. Additionally, it is widely believed that Wanda and Vision’s comic book twins, Tommy and Billy, will appear in the show. If all those things are to be believed, we can being to speculate about what might have been happening on set over the past few days.

It’s possible, though unconfirmed, that WandaVision has completed production on the first half of the series (the sitcom homage was expected to last 3 episodes) and have begun production on Episode 4. If that’s the case, there are a couple of options for filming at the hospital and fewer for filming at the high school.

Though it’s expected that the series will film in chronological order, it’s possible that the hospital is being used as the location where Wanda delivers her twins. It’s equally possible that hospital is being used for an entirely different type of scene. I’ve been told to expect “a great number of cameos and the introduction of several characters” from WandaVison, so it’s certainly possible that Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer or any number of other Marvel characters could appear here.

As for the high school, it seems a little more likely that one could deduce the types of scenes being filmed. If the information about the quick passage of time during WandaVision is correct, we would, by the end of Episode 3, see Tommy and Billy as teens. It’s entirely possible that Starr’s Mill High School, which looks a whole lot cooler than mine, could serve as the chosen place of illumination for the children of Wanda and Vision.

Of course filming things and those things showing up in the series are two entirely different things, but given how tight security has been around WandaVision, I’d wager that we’ll all find out exactly what was happening at these two locations when WandaVision hits Disney+ in the Spring of 2021.

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