Director Matt Reeves Teases ‘The Batman’ as ‘Almost a Horror Movie’

the batman horror

The Batman is about to reintroduce the world to the vastness that is the Caped Crusader’s range of interpretation. We had hyper surrealism with Christopher Nolan‘s take and a gothic look at the series with Tim Burton. Director Matt Reeves will introduce a new introduction that seems to dive deeper into the detective side of the character. However, it seems that we might expect a much darker take on the character with what he is describing as “almost a horror movie, and a thriller” in an interview with MovieMaker. In his full quote, he states:

This idea of a place that is corrupt, and you try to swim against the tide in order to fight against it and make a difference, is quintessential Batman. And at the center of those noir stories is almost always the detective, right? And that’s why he is the world’s greatest detective. And so this story is, in addition to being almost a horror movie, and a thriller, and an action movie, at its core, it’s also very much a detective story. It’s very narrative.

Matt Reeves

It’s been a long-running joke that almost everyone is corrupt in Gotham. Outside of a few good eggs, most everyone falls to the temptation of some kind, may it be the amount of mafioso that live in the city or how many cops take payments. Nolan’s take in The Dark Knight explored that aspect through the eyes of Harvey Dent, but it seems we’ll get a much darker look at Gotham’s corruption and the horrors that are lurking in the dark. The fact that the Riddler is inspired by the Zodiac killer probably should’ve been our first hint that something sinister is heading our way..

Source: MovieMaker via The Wrap

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