New ‘Moon Knight’ Promo Art Offers New Look at Costume

moon knight costume

We only recently got the confirmation that Moon Knight will finally premiere at the end of March. The first trailer teased Oscar Isaac‘s take on the character and his split mental state. We also got a great look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on the character’s costume, which seems heavily inspired by his Egyptian roots, especially with Khonshu wearing something similar during his brief appearance in the trailer. While we got a good look at his costume, new promotional artwork has found its way online offering a new look at the costume and its many details, as shared by @cosmic_marvel:

The promo image actually lets you see some of the details that are at play with the logo. The moon on his chest has a few binds going through it, and you can even see some gold plating behind them. It looks like it isn’t a costume entirely made of those binds but there’s also a layer underneath to protect Marc Spector when he is confronted by any threats.

The eyes are definitely quite different from live-action, which may get adjusted once the series releases to give him more expressions over the glowing eyes. Here’s hoping we get more teases on what the full design looks like and even Mr. Knight, who was briefly teased during Disney+ Day.

Source: Twitter

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