Disney+ Added All Marvel Studios One Shot

disney plus marvel one shots

There was a time when Marvel Studios did quite a bit of experimenting. In the early days of Phase 1, they tested out a concept known only as Marvel One-Shots at the time. The physical Blu-ray release of some films included these short episodes that helped tie together some loose ends, such as The Consultant, or just have some wacky fun, like Team Thor. Suddenly, there were sightings of All Hail The King – which introduced viewers to the fact that there was an actual Mandarin out there – after Shang-Chi was added to Disney+. Now it seems they have added all One-Shots as part of a collection, as shared by @riverrun779.

It’s interesting to note that the series of shorts have the logo “Marvel Studios One Shot,” but when you search for them they are only available with the name “Marvel One-Shot.”

Their addition is great for the purists that want to watch every part the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer. Plus, it also helps them add it to their timeline on the service, which helps give some hints when and where to place these stories. As a fan of logo design, it’s great to see All Hail The King or The Consultant get actual visuals that add some flourish to their stories, even if they are quite small in the grand scheme of the wider MCU. Their inclusion with a new logo also opens up the possibility they might revisit the concept with new 15 minute shorts for minor characters. So, we’ll see if this opens up a window for more opportunities later down the line.

Source: Disney+, Twitter

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