UPDATE: Disney Will Not Recast Gina Carano’s Cara Dune

cara dune recast

UPDATE: The moment we dropped the news, it seems that THR has updated their article and states that they won’t be recasting Cara Dune moving forward.


Source: THR, DiscussingFilm


It was only a week ago that Disney fire The Mandalorian star Gina Carano from her role in the galaxy far, far away. It came after months of scrutiny from fans. Carano has been divisive due to her questionable social media posts. The final straw for Disney was an Instagram post that many viewed as anti-semitic, but the former MMA fighter maintains it was a call for unity. Whatever the case may be, the future of Cara Dune is in doubt. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Carano was to headline a Disney+ spin-off series. As such, their insiders claim they are considering a recast of Cara Dune for a story and merchandising reasons.

Initially, it seemed as though we’d seen the last of Dune. After a recurring role over two seasons led her character to the ranks of New Republic officer, it did not appear that any future appearances were vital to the series’ plot. However, the news that Disney is considering a recast would indicate that they have big plans, which may correlate with the recently announced Mandalorian spin-off Rangers of the New Republic. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Carano was supposed to be part of the Disney Investor’s Day roll-out that revealed the show to the public. However, the backlash over previous Twitter comments led to her getting booted from the event. If Carano was to play a role as Dune in any of the projects announced that day, New Republic would have been the one that made the most sense.

Hasbro has halted the production of Cara Dune-based toys. Even Amazon has removed almost all of its merchandise for the character. A recast would most likely allow the companies to salvage some of the potential losses from any toys they’re currently unable to sell with a new face and re-branding. There are no details given if Carano also gains a licensing fee for their use of her image through the toys, so there might be some legal discussions are happening behind the scenes. It will be interesting to see how it develops as Star Wars rolls out their future Disney+ slate.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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