Disney+ Day Starts Early in Europe with New Design Updates

disney plus day early

It looks like Disney+ Day has started early for Europe, as some have reported that it’s gone online earlier than expected. So, some of the Disney+ Day releases like Olaf Presents, Home Sweet Home Alone, Under the Helmet, Dopesick (only available through Disney+ Star), and many more have found their way online early. Not just that, it also includes a few welcomed additions to the visual design of the app. They’ve highlighted the new additions at the top of the site.

The streaming service has continuously built various collections of popular shows or media that were connected. When Black Widow was released, they had all the films she was featured in available in a nice bundle, but you had to click on it to access it. It seems they’ve decided to add a new section that highlights the entries, such as the various Frozen properties.

Last, but not least, they’ve also offered a new “Coming Soon” section that was dearly missing for those wanting to keep up with what new series are heading our way. It’s a staple for other streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max. So, it was strange that it took this long to add the feature. Yet, also have to highlight that it’s hidden away quite a bit down.

The MCU special won’t go online until later, but it’s great that they are celebrating Disney+ Day not just with special content, but also giving the streaming service a much-needed visual upgrade. There are still some things missing if you compare and it visually isn’t the most stunning offerings in the market, but it’s great to see they are slowly expanding the

Source: Disney+

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