Disney Latino Hints at a New ‘Moon Knight’ Ability in the Disney+ Series

moon knight ability

Disney Latino released a page discussing Moon Knight’s origin and abilities in the upcoming Disney+ series. It included a reference to his abilities that change depending on the moon cycle but included a reference to something that might be new to even comic readers. In the article, there’s a reference to the Fist of Khonshu having the ability to have “prophetic visions about future events.”

It’s certainly a curious addition, but there’s a chance that the “visions” are tied directly to his multiple personality disorder. Perhaps the show will use this concept to play with us and Steven, who is unsure about who he truly is. The first trailer teased that his reality is falling apart, especially as he uncovers his actual background as the mercenary Marc Spector.

If he has the ability to see the future, it makes you wonder if they tease his main antagonist and end of the series throughout its runtime. We could even get a post-credit sequence of a vision that hints at where we’ll see Oscar Isaac again after his time on the Disney+ series.

Source: Disney Latino via The Direct

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