Disney Unveils Its Disney+ Releases for ‘Cruella’ and ‘Luca’

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It looks like Disney is facing a long list of delays with the recent news that Black Widow won’t premiere in May. It has been pushed back into July taking over Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings’ spot, which will now release in September. Of course, this also affects the rest of Disney’s upcoming film slate, which has been pushed back into the second half of the year. There is one exception, as Emma Stone‘s Cruella is sticking to its May 28th release date. It will also become a Disney+ Premier Access offering while also airing in theaters.

That isn’t all, as Pixar’s upcoming film Luca will be available on Disney+. Strangely, the second Pixar entry is getting this treatment by being made available directly without any Premier Access offering. There are plenty of other delays, such as Ryan ReynoldsFree Guy releasing in August, The King’s Man being pushed into late December while Deep Water and Death on the Nile being pushed into 2022.

Disney has been very keen on pushing Disney+, which has offered them some flexibility in the current pandemic-affected market. It is uncertain if the other releases mentioned above may face a similar fate, but anything can change. It was already a major surprise to see Black Widow get a simultaneous release, as Disney has been very focused on ensuring its theatrical release. They have pushed out this decision for quite some time, which is also the reason why it had to be delayed. They want to advertise it far in advance to ensure they can get people informed it will be available through both sources. It’s going to be an interesting year moving forward.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes

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