Namor Connection Teased in ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel Casting

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It looks like Shuma-Gorath might not be the only tentacle monster in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. A listing by actress Yenifer Molina reveals she has a role in Sam Raimi‘s film. What stands out is that her character’s name is Gargantos 2. Long-time comics fans might recognize it as a sea monster under the control of the Lemurian known as Naga. They only appeared in 1969’s Sub-Mariner #13 and X-Factor Annual #4 in 1989 but vanished since.




Its inclusion in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is quite a surprise. We still have no idea how Strange will travel through the multiverse and if each pocket dimension gets a unique arc. Her acting credits include minor roles as an office worker in Detective Pikachu and a waitress on HBO Max’s Tom and Jerry. So, this role might only have a minor part in the film. We don’t know how many universes the doctor will travel through. The creature’s backstory connects to Namor. So, it would make sense that they’d appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which will potentially feature the character.

The Funko leaks hinted at Supreme and Defender Variants of Doctor Strange. So, they may end up joining their multiversal counterparts in their story. Moviegoers might get introduced to the concept of the Serpent Crown, which got tossed into a pocket dimension for safekeeping. It got created by the Elder Gods, which could connect back to Shuma-Gorath. Perhaps it is the McGuffin necessary to stop the Devourer God from taking over the multiverse.

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