‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel Nearing End on Reshoots

doctor strange 2 reshoots

In the latest Heat Vision blog entry on The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Couch shares some bits from Spider-Man: No Way Home’s carpet as many of the actors involved reflect back on their work. Of course, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong‘s appearance in the film alongside characters from Sam Raimi’s original trilogy, there are some fun connections to be had. Raimi has now taken it upon himself to bring the Doctor Strange sequel to life that’ll explore the madness of the multiverse.

In November we learned that the team entered production once again for extensive reshoots to “realize the full potential of the film” and it seems that they may finally be nearing completion of the additional photography. In the latest piece by the Hollywood Reporter, they got a chance to interview Wong on what the Raimi film might offer to audiences.

I’ve been marveling at his vision, his take. His overall resolve, as well. We were shooting in the middle of a pandemic and it was almost like, Doctor Strange and the Menace of the Multischedule. We were literally filming in a quantum way. There is no plan A. There’s a B and a C and then a D. Your mind is running all over the place. I have no doubt it’s going to be something fantastic

Benedict Wong

It’s still exciting to think about what the upcoming sequel might have to offer to audiences and what they may have added throughout their reshoots. Loki introduced us to the concept of the multiverse within the MCU and we even saw those rules get broken in Ultron’s power grab during What If…?. Here’s hoping the first look won’t be for too long anymore to see just how mad the multiverse will end up being.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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