Don’t Expect MCU’s ‘X-Men’ Movie “For a Very Long Time”

mcu xmen

We’ve all been wondering what D23 might have in store for us and it definitely delivered. We got the reveal for Werewolf by Night, a grand showcase of their currently announced slate, and even the line-up for the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. So, it definitely was full of surprises but there was still no word on when we can expect any updates on the X-Men.

Well, according to Deadline’s Justin Kroll, we can’t really expect any true announcement or updates on the project “for a very long time” outside of them potentially finding some writers for the project. So, anyone hoping to hear a casting of an iconic X-Men might have to strap in for the long run before we get any real updates on that.

Marvel Studios has been very open about them not wanting to rush the X-Men and mutants out. Plus, they already have quite the list of characters being rolled out and while there’s a possible appearance in Phase 6 for the project, there’s still a lot more to get out until then. So, it may be something we won’t see until after The Multiverse Saga potentially, but only time will tell.

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