Marvel Studios Unlikely to Have Already Cast its ‘Fantastic Four’

mcu fantastic four

Even as we neared D23, there were a lot of rumors hitting the web about a potential Fantastic Four casting announcement. Even though the film won’t release until 2024, it was the talk of the town everywhere you could see. Not only did we get countless fan castings but a lot of people claimed they’d heard that the line-up would be the big reveal during D23.

The event has passed and we have nothing outside of the confirmation of Matt Shakman‘s involvement with the project. According to Deadline’s Justin Kroll, there’s a good reason we didn’t get one. Shakman has seemingly only boarded the project recently and as he’ll shapes how it’ll develop, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige won’t start the casting process without his input.

It makes sense and it’s important that the casting process also heavily involves the director, as chemistry is important on set for everyone involved. Plus, they still have until 2024 for the film to release and the film will likely be a big draw for many names in the industry. They may have reached out for some to potentially audition but they won’t move forward without Shakman‘s insight.

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