D23: ‘She-Hulk’ Won’t Help Set-Up ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Disney+ Series

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Daredevil is making his grand return in She-Hulk, Attorney at Law with a brand new look. There was a lot of fanfare since he first appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home for a brief cameo and is now set to get his own revival series Daredevil: Born Again. It got a brief showcase during D23 but no further details on what to expect and how it may tie into his overall development as part of the MCU.

Well, if you’ve been hoping that his appearance in She-Hulk will see the first hint at his series, or even act as the initial spinoff but that’s not the case according to Charlie Cox. When asked after the big D23 panel, he revealed that the series won’t tie into his upcoming spinoff and it seems like it may just be a fun re-introduction to also highlight how Daredevil will be in the MCU.

Of course, we’ll likely get an actual setup in Echo as it has also been confirmed that Kingpin will make his return in that series. So, it’s very likely that this is more of a set-up for his eventual return in the MCU. Plus, he’s not in New York City for some reason, and taking him out of his usual environment might just serve that very purpose.

While Netflix’s Daredevil was quite a massive show for the streamer, there still are people not too familiar with the character who get a chance to meet him before fully investing in his story and place in the MCU moving forward.

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