‘Dune’ Sequel Starts Production With First Set Photo

dune 2 production start

It looks like it didn’t take too long for Denis Villeneuve to continue his sci-fi epic, Dune. After quite a successful run at the box office, the auteur has swiftly jumped on the chance to continue his storyline with hints in the past that he may even have a third planned. Dune: Part Two as the title implies is the second part adapting the iconic book by Frank Herberts. To celebrate the production start, the official Duen account shared an image from the set to celebrate the occasion.

Cinematographer Greig Fraser is back to join Villeneuve to adapt the storyline. He’s recently given us the iconic The Batman and it’ll be exciting to once again see how they adapt the sand planet Arrakis while still offering some more stunning visuals. The plans are to adapt the third film entry based on the second novel Dune Messiah, but it’s unclear if they’d further explore more entires from the six-book entries.

Villeneuve has quite the track record with his stunning work and more slower-paced adaptations. Blade Runner 2049 was a standout when it was released it’s quite interesting to see the director tackle a franchise with even an HBO Max spinoff by Diane Ademu-John. It’s unclear if it might tie into the events of the main series, but it’ll be curious to see what the future has in store for this franchise.

Source: Twitter

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