‘Dune’ Teasers Offer Closer Look at Timothée Chalamet and Jason Momoa’s Characters

Tomorrow is finally the official release of the first Dune trailer. We have been antsy until Denis Villeneuve’s next film would finally be revealed. The science-fiction film will adapt to the iconic book series by Frank Herbert. We are only a day away from the official first look at the film. Legendary used this chance to build up some hype with a few teaser trailers. They showcase the faces of the film’s massive cast with an ominous voiceover.

The end of the teaser, however, offers a good look at Timothée Chalamet‘s Paul Atreides facing the desert sand. There is a good chance this sequence is shortly before he is confronted by the Arrakis sandworms. We got our first tease of them two weeks ago with the Empire covers so maybe we get at least one of them in motion once the full trailer is released.

That is not all, as Jason Momoa also shared the teaser. Yet, his teaser ends differently with a nice surprise. It offers acloser look at his character, Duncan Idaho.


The tradition of creating teaser trailers for the trailers is a fascinating one. It’s just marketing for more marketing. Still, they sometimes offer those small glimpses that get us excited for the actual full reveal. The wait has already been quite a long one, so I think we will somehow manage for another day before we get our first look at the desert lands of Arrakis in motion.

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