Marvel Studios ‘ETERNALS’: Who is Ajak?

With the Infinity Saga coming to a close, Marvel Studios is preparing to launch into an all-new, all-different era beginning with Phase 4. While several properties are going to serve as deeper dives into already established characters and worlds, Eternals is going to introduce new characters and change what we think we know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Eternals were born in the mind of Jack Kiby as Marvel Comics “ancient aliens”: beings of immense power who had protected Earth since the beginning of time. Over the course of history, the Eternals and their enemies, the Deviants, worked their way into the religions and mythologies of many cultures gods and monsters, angels and devils and heroes and villains. Marvel Studios will certainly put their own spin on the characters, but we can still take an opportunity to get to know them here…in 400 words or less!

First introduced in Eternals #2 (1976), Ajak is one of the Polar Eternals, a group of the immortal beings who was born near Siberia. While he was mistaken for many heroes over the year, including the Greek warrior Ajax, he more importantly was believed to be the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and the Incan god Tecumotzin. It was in this guise that he made his introduction into the comics during the “Tomb of the Gods” arc that it is believed will serve as at least a partial inspiration for the film. Ajak has always demonstrated a deep understanding of the Celestials as well as being able to converse with them and, in his introduction, served as the expository device for the grand history and plan of the Celestials, including their return to judge their creations!

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Concept art of Salma Hayek as Ajak (4th from left)

Salma Hayek will bring the character of Ajak to life in Marvel Studios Eternals. We know the character will serve as the spiritual leader of the group and, true to the comics, she will serve as the point of communication between the Eternals and the Celestials. Given the character’s comic book history with the Space Gods, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hayek’s character given the honor of explaining the hidden history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the audience.

Marvel Studios Eternals is currently set to hit theaters February 12, 2021!

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