Dylan McDermott Returning for American Horror Stories

As the third episode of American Horror Stories releases, production on the finale for the first season has begun and it looks like it’ll return to the Murder House once again. The first two episodes saw a new family move into the haunted home with a past that was the setting for the very first season of American Horror Story. The Harmon family set off to start anew in what they thought would be their dream home, but as time moved on the spirits within the home made themselves known and tore the family apart.

In a new set video from the Murder House, Dylan McDermott, known for his role as Ben Harmon in the first season can be seen on set with the cast from the first two episodes of the spin-off. Many fans will be delighted to see the return of the ghost of Murder House past, noticeably absent from the two-part premiere. It’s unclear if we’ll see the return of Vivien or Violet Harmon or any of the other ghosts that resides within the home, but it couldn’t be entirely out of the question with Ben’s return.


American Horror Stories is currently streaming on Hulu, with episodes releasing weekly. The mothership show, American Horror Story, is set to premiere on August 25th, with Double Feature, a season that will see two smaller storylines in just one season, one set by the sea, and one set by the sand.

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