Eagle-Eyed Fans Notice ‘Star Wars’ Tease in New ‘Kingdom Hearts 4’ Trailer

kingdom hearts 4 star wars

After a long wait, Kingdom Hearts 4 has finally been confirmed. Not only that, but we even got a first teaser trailer that reveals Sora stuck in Quadratum. The location is strongly inspired by real-life Shibuya, which was teased in the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC. It looks like a new direction for the franchise with a more hyper-realistic design moving forward. goofy and Donald do make an appearance, but it seems like the franchise is heading in a new direction. Yet, some eagle-eyed fans may have noticed a tiny detail that might be part of an AT-ST from the Star Wars franchise.

As the following tweet from @dallin1016 highlights, it seems that the leg of an All Terrain Scout Transporter, better known as an AT-ST, is hiding in the background. Some believe that the location might even be part of Endor. While the trailer teases an open-world concept, perhaps we’ll see multiple worlds connected to one world. While most of us hoped to see more Square Enix representation after their absence in Kingdom Hearts 3, it does seem that Disney will still have a role of some kind.

Influencer JSkeleton has also highlighted this connection, as many more notice this detail in the trailer. Of course, this also opens up theories that we might even see Marvel make an appearance in the upcoming fourth entry. While most of the franchises focused on Disney, and most recently Pixar franchises, it does make sense for them to expand as Marvel and Lucasfilm are Disney subsidiaries. Plus, an open world with many franchises connected could create a very unique experience for Kingdom Hearts that also unshackles them from some of the restrictions we saw in the previous entry. Here’s hoping they continue to tease it moving forward.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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