Natasha Lyonne Talks ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2

Ahead of Russian Doll’s Season 2 premiere later this month, series star/director/writer/showrunner Natasha Lyonne teases the “crazy” trip.

Russian Doll‘s first season was a smash hit for Netflix when it debuted in 2019 that left fans eagerly wanting more of this crazy world. While the series was renewed in June 2019, the journey to Season 2 has been a long one. Thankfully, however, the wait is nearly over and no one is more excited than series star Natasha Lyonne, who served as a director this season in addition to being the show’s co-creator, executive producer, writer, and showrunner. In a recent interview with Variety, Lyonne expressed her excitement over finally sharing this “crazy” season.

On Friday, Netflix held a rooftop celebration for the series at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Lyonne was on hand to promote the series and took some time to discuss what it was like to finally release the trailer, without trying to spoil anything for Season 2. “It’s scary releasing trailers and things like that, because you’re trying to figure out the right amount [to show], if you want people to be able to go in cold,” she explained. “And yet, there’s a thirst, a hunger that dictates that this is the way that we do things.”

She also talked about what it’s like to be so involved in the production, especially as she feels as though there are bits of Nadia in herself. “When I’m in the writers room, I’m much more of a stressed out person who looks tired and worn down. In prep, all of a sudden it’s that person, but with a lot of parkas, because directing loves parkas and sneakers. Then this third character emerges — now I’m inside of Nadia and it’s go time.”

After directing the eighth episode of Season 1, Lyonne stepped behind the camera for half of this season’s episodes, with executive producer Alex Buono tackling the rest of the episodes. For Lyonne, getting to work with Buono behind the camera was special as she enjoys their partnership and what they brought to this season. “I always tell Alex, ‘I know that you have your life and you have a best friend, but just know that you’re my best friend.’ Because I don’t think I’d ever been able to get quite to the end of a thought so concretely as I was able to with Alex. There was something so special about our partnership this season. There’s these things that we wanted to do, and we actually made them happen, so he’s incredible.”

Russian Doll Season 2 will finally hit Netflix on April 20th.

Source: Variety.

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