Emma Stone Closes Deal to Join ‘CRUELLA’ Sequel

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It looks like Emma Stone loved playing the character of Cruella de Vil so much, she has officially signed on for a sequel. Deadline has just revealed that she closed her deal with Disney that may offer some positive light on the controversy surrounding their Disney+ Premier Access model. After facing lawsuits from Scarlett Johansson, rumors started hitting the Internet that Stone would join in due to her film being a simultaneous release.

Yet, it seems she was open to returning, and with her joining the project, the Cruella sequel is a go for Disney. In June, Craig Gillespie already signed off to direct the project with Tony McNamara working on the script. It’ll be interesting to see how they follow up the project, as they either continue to explore her time before the fateful meeting with 101 dalmation or they jump straight into a live-action adaptation of it. It seems unlikely they’d want to paint the character purely in a negative light after building up her character throughout the first film.

It’s definitely a win for Disney, as it paints their digital distribution in a positive light. There’s no official word if Stone had any benefit from Cruella‘s release, as we also never found out how much money the prequel made during its opening weekend. Disney only released the information starting with Black Widow. So, the sequel plans already hinted at the first film’s success on the service alongside its strong Box Office showing. It’ll be interesting to see if the same will hold true for Jungle Cruise, which recently released on the service.

Source: Deadline

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