End of an Era: ‘Pokémon’ Ends Ash Ketchum’s Journey After 25 Years

pokemon ash ketchum

Yes, Ash Ketchum has finally reached his goal and will no longer be the main lead of the 25 years ongoing Pokémon animated series. Now, two new characters will take over as the anime enters Paldea and introduces us to a whole new world. It’s crazy to think how long we’ve spent time with Ash and his Pikachu; especially with him still being 10 years old for most of his journey.

Luckily, Ash’s journey isn’t just randomly over but rather gets a final run with the new special episodes Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series. We get one last journey with our iconic duo before the new team takes over. Sarah Natochenny has voiced the character since 2006 and it originally began all the way back in 1997.

It truly is the end of an era to not see Ash as part of the series and might be the perfect time for a new generaiton to check it out. The new designs of the main characters do include some staples from Ash, such as the logo from his cap being used as a clip. We might still have to wait a bit before we see the new characters in action and perhaps the farewell series might even hint at where Ash would return in a future episode.

Perhaps he’ll become a gym leader or teacher so that he can pass on his experiences to a new generation. He may not be leading the series anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still be a part of it moving forward. It’ll be weird not to have Pikachu as a main member of the Pokémon roster either given he’s the series mascot. So, perhaps he finds himself in that same role soon again.

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