Episodes of ‘Agent Carter’, ‘Duck Tales’, ‘X-Men’ and More Missing on Disney+

disney plus missing episodes

It looks like Disney+ is doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Not too long ago, it suddenly looked like they were censoring shows such as Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s bloodier sequences getting cleaned up. What started as fears it is them openly moving away from embracing the current inclusions of darker storylines, especially with the addition of Marvel’s Netflix series, but they swiftly revealed it was a technical error that led to it. Surprisingly, it seems that it happened again and ended up leading to various episodes getting lost.

Deadline is sharing that various series such as Duck Tales, Agent Carter, X-Men: The Animated Series, Owl House, Lizzie McGuire, and other shows are missing episodes. It was first noticed by fans on Reddit complaining about the series missing from the service. Disney has responded and that they are working on correcting this, as the episodes were excluded due to a technical issue on the service which glitched out the episode’s inclusion in the list.

The good thing is that nothing is lost, but it definitely got people’s attention. It seems like the fix might take some time but they ensure it’ll be added once again. Of course, this isn’t a good sign for those that have been hesitant about streamers’ lack of sharing physical releases of their original franchises. Here’s hoping it can be resolved sooner and we’ll find out more later on.

Source: Deadline

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