‘Eternals’ BTS Image Hints at an Earlier Appearance of Harry Styles’ Eros

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It’s already been a few weeks since Eternals was released, but there are still some curious details that find their way online, especially with the reveal of Harry Styles playing Eros. While we’re still wondering how exactly the new origin of this alien race might connect to Thanos, it seems that Styles’ character may have had an appearance at an earlier point in the story. Sprite actress Lia McHugh took to Instagram to share some pictures from behind-the-scenes with one including Styles. Yet, their outfits and Richard Madden‘s inclusion raise some eyebrows for those that have seen the post-credit sequence.

The outfits they are wearing are the ones we see them in when they are on their way to earth. So, we may have spent some time with others from the race before they eventually made their trip o fight the Deviants. Madden‘s inclusion highlights that this is probably from earlier in the film, as he’s not around when Styles makes his grand appearance. There’s, of course, the chance that the post-credit sequence would’ve included a flashback or even a visit to the World Forge, where they meet others like themselves.

We know that Eros is an Eternal, but we don’t know if there’s something special about his kind, especially with the mystery of how he relates to Thanos. There’s a chance that he might be adopted or that the Celestials tested out the evolution aspect on a handful of Eternals who remained on Titan. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait too long until we get an answer to these questions.

Source: Instagram

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