‘Eternals’ Chloé Zhao Talked to Marvel Studios on Avoiding LGBTQ+ Censorship

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It hasn’t been an easy rode to LGBTQ+ representation in cinema. While the United States has made big strides, there are international markets that still tend to cut out these scenes. To still bank on the box office, films tend to get censored in the process. The same worry has hit Marvel Studio’s upcoming Eternals film, which features the franchise’s first LGTBQ couple on screen.

In an interview with IndieWire, director Chloé Zhao was asked about the potential censorship of her film. She shared that she and Marvel Studios were actively working on avoiding any censorship. Especially as she highlights how vital Phastos’ family is to the core of his character. She gave a hopeful “fingers crossed” that they might be able to avoid it.

I do believe discussions were had and there’s a big desire from Marvel and myself — we talked about this — to not change the cut. Fingers crossed

Chloé Zhao

One factor still hanging over the film is that a release in China is still a big question mark, where these adaptations are commonplace. If they want to avoid censorship, the film will likely not release in those specific markets. In the interview, she also highlights how Phastos’ lover and child anchor the Eternal and give him a reason to fight. How they also took their time to ensure that they can also give these characters an intimate moment on screen.

Source: IndieWire

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