‘Squid Game’ Funko Pops Revealed by Funko

Netflix’s Squid Game is headed to Funko with five of the 456 players getting their own POP! figures including Sae-Byeok.

Every once in a while a series comes around on Netflix that takes the world by storm. Just a few years ago, that series was Stranger Things, becoming a pop culture phenomenon and now going into its fourth season. Netflix seems to have done it again, with Squid Game taking the world by storm, quickly becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched series of all time. 

Like every popular show or movie, Funko soon follows behind with a slew of collectibles to memorialize your favorite characters and moments. Revealed exclusively by Entertainment Weekly is the first wave of Funko Pop! collectible figures from Squid Game. The first series will include Gi-Hun, Sae-Byeok, Sang-Woo, Ali, Il-Nam and one of the Red Workers.

Along with the main wave of common release characters comes a few exclusive figures to the line. The series will feature two variants of the Red worker with one Square mask exclusive to Walmart, and the triangle mask exclusive to the Funko Shop.

All of the Squid Game Funko Pops are currently set to release early next year in 2022, no specific release date has been issued. However, you can pre-order all the figures aside from the Funko Shop worker on Amazon and Walmart. 

The first season of Squid Game is currently streaming on Netflix. There is currently no word as to if the series will continue for a second season at Netflix. However, with its massive popularity, it seems like a safe bet that the series will continue.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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