‘Eternals’ Takes Top Spot as Marvel Studios’ Biggest Disney+ Debut

eternals disney plus debut

Eternals has finally released on Disney+ and offered many a chance to check out the Chloé Zhao-directed film that didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters. Of course, a release on any streamer is bound to get the attention of people that want to see just how much of a second life a streaming service can give a project, and it looks like Marvel Studios’ take on an Indie film has garnered quite the attention in its home release.

SambaTV, who has shared data on various projects in the past based on internal study panels, has revealed that 2M households in the United States alone viewed the film within five days of its release. As pointed out by @Luiz-Fernando_J, this is the biggest film debut from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it has surpassed Shang-Chi‘s 1.7M debut.

The film had a strong run at the box office, ending its run almost hitting the $400M benchmark without a Chinese release. While it didn’t have the momentum that other Marvel Studios projects had, it still had an impressive run. So, it getting a second life on Disney+ is a sign that the film still had a strong showing and may finally give Marvel Studios a push to hint at what the future has in store for the franchise.

Source: Twitter, The Numbers

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