Paramount+ Unveils Release Dates and Renewals for Several ‘Star Trek’ Series

star trek discovery release

It looks like Paramount+ is about to boldly go into the next year, as the official Star Trek Twitter account shared quite a few announcements in one major wave. The new year will see the release of Discovery‘s fourth season as of February 10th, followed by Picard‘s second season on March 3rd, Strange New Worlds then on May 5th. That is quite the line-up of heavy hitters one after another. The Nickelodeon series Star Trek: Prodigy also will have new episodes from the first season through February 3rd with new ones announced for later in the year. It also looks like the third season of Lower Decks will return in the summer of this year.

That is not all, as the announcements also include quite a few renewals. Lower Decks will get a fourth season, Discovery will also make a return with a fifth season while Strange New Worlds gets a second season renewal. Picard, surprisingly, did not get a renewal which may hint at it potentially ending in the second season, but they may also want to be keeping the door open to catch viewers by surprise. Still, it’s a massive move to renew three series on the same day, but they announced it with a set of great visuals highlighting each series, which you can check out here:

It’s crazy to think just how many shows are currently running that explore different corners of the Star Trek universe. Lower Decks takes a comedic look at what it’s like living in a ship that travels through the galaxy to explore undiscovered parts of the galaxy. Discovery was part of the current revival of the franchise through TV series, which had mainly expanded in cinemas. It’ll be interesting to see if they have other projects cooking to further expand their franchise.

Source: Twitter

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