‘Eternals’ Will Embrace Jack Kirby’s Vision of the Celestials

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The creators of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are coming, the Celestials, as Eternals explores the origins of this fictional universe. After some brief teases throughout the various space-themed films, we’ll finally get to spend some time with these mystical beings alongside their creations. Guardians of the Galaxy offered us not just one but two glimpses, such as the floating remains of Knowhere and a brief look at Eson destroying a planet through the Power Stone.

Cap'n's Comics: Arishem The Celestial by Jack Kirby

Of course, there was also Ego in the sequel that redefined our understanding of these mystical beings. The upcoming Eternals film will add one more layer to it, as shared by producer Nate Moore. During ScreenRant’s set visit, he discussed that the upcoming film by Chloé Zhao will introduce “true Jack Kirby Celestials.” He went on to compare them to the previously mentioned characters, as:

In the Collector’s lab, they’re frankly not as big as they would be in our mind, and obviously Ego was a much different version. So this gets to be the giant monolithic space gods and you get to see them, which is exciting.

Nate Moore

As the franchise continues to expand, we’ll get introduced to many interpretations of these characters that were popularized in comics. Kirby had some visually stunning visions of these creators of everything, which will finally come to fruition in the upcoming film. It also opens up the possibility of us meeting Death or the Living Tribunal, who had a recent cameo as a statue in Disney+’s Loki series. The franchise is continuing to embrace every aspect of the comics while still building a coherent world. Perhaps we’ll finally learn whose head ended up as Knowhere all those millennia ago.

Source: ScreenRant

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