EXCLUSIVE: Aramis Knight on Working Alongside MCU Superfan Iman Vellani in ‘Ms. Marvel’

Episode 4 of Ms. Marvel marked the MCU debut of Aramis Knight, who portrayed Kareem, one of an ancient order of Red Daggers who protect the people of Pakistan. The 22-year old Knight is another of several young actors working alongside star Iman Vellani in the show, all of whom have grown up in a world where the MCU has been front and center in mainstream entertainment.

Knight’s role as Kareem meant that he spent a significant amount of his time on set with Vellani, who fans have learned is an absolute MCU superfan. In an exclusive interview, we asked Knight if, having grown up surrounded by the MCU, he was on Vellani’s level as a fan. “No, definitely not. I’d be lying if I said I was“, said Knight. “But also, there’s few people in the world who are on Iman’s level of MCU fan, so it’s a tough act to follow, but she definitely taught me a lot about the universe.

Knight went on to praise his co-star’s complete grasp of not only her role but also the MCU and the character’s place within it.

I’m really happy to be involved and also have her there because she, like, creatively, understands the show so much. Honestly, at this point, she should just be a producer as well because she is so well-versed in the universe. She completely understands the role that Kamala plays and she really just is Kamala. It’s absolutely amazing and I cannot imagine anyone else playing the role at all.

Aramis Knight

Through 4 episodes, Ms. Marvel has continued to receive high praise from both fans and critics and Vellani has been at the center of it all. Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege has also mentioned how well-versed Vellani is in the MCU and, according to Knight, her presence in the series is also helping to raise everyone else’s game as well. As Knight says, it’s hard to imagine anyone else inhabiting the role now that fans have seen Vellani in it.

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