EXCLUSIVE: ‘Cars on the Road’s Larry the Cable Guy Shares How He Voiced Mater Throughout the Years

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Mater has become a staple of the Cars franchise and even many children’s toy boxes. Even with the many different toys, video games, shorts, and anything Disney could get out of the character, Larry the Cable Guy continued providing his voice for the many iterations of the character.

Now, he’s venturing out into the first TV series based on Cars with Cars on the Road, and in an exclusive interview, Larry the Cable Guy shared how he recorded most of his projects in the past and compares his latest experience to working on the various Mater-centric shorts throughout the years.

I have a studio at my house and that’s where I did all the toys, and games, and that kind of stuff. The movies, I’d go out to Emeryville. […] For the shorts, I think I’ve done it so long that the producers and directors trust me enough to know what I’m doing. We all get along and they write such great stuff, they trust me, I am very happy about that.

Larry the Cable Guy

He highlights how many different venues they have nowadays to release the series and he could’ve imagined Cars on the Road as shared just how much fun they had recording for this project.

We laughed so hard, each one of these episodes we’d get to laughing so hard. I’d throw something out, they’d throw something out. We would go: “Let’s take a few seconds!” because we were laughing. I mean there is really funny stuff in there.

Larry the Cable Guy

It definitely sounds like they had a lot of fun and he teased in the interview that he also had the chance to improvise; giving the scenes their own dynamic as well. He’s voiced the character for so many years and through many different mediums, but he still shares his joy of voicing this character to this day.

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