EXCLUSIVE: ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 to Introduce Casey Brinke

We can exclusively share first details on the introduction of Casey Brinke in the upcoming fourth season of ‘Doom Patrol’.
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Doom Patrol might be one if not the strangest DC series that is streaming on HBO Max. The series follows an unlikely team of emotionally damaged individuals with fantastical abilities. After facing their own trauma and self-worth, we spend time with them facing off against a reality-shattering Mr. Nobody, travel through time, and turn into zombies only to kill a bunch of Were-butts. Yeah, that last sentence is real and it’s still weird to explain, but it’s part of Doom Patrol‘s charm. The series got a renewal for a fourth season during DC FanDome and we can exclusively share that one iconic comic character from the comics is finally joining.

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Season 4 will introduce the character of Casey Brinke. The heroine known as Space Case had to face off against her father, who turned into the villain Torminox due to a virus. Her mother was the one to take him out by sacrificing herself leaving her daughter behind. It’s a tragic backstory for the young heroine and happens to be fictional. You see, Danny the Street, who has appeared throughout the series, actually created the comic book she lived in and gained the ability to bring her into reality. As such, she had to come to grips with her life being fiction.

The crew behind the project are actively casting a female actress between the age of 20 and 30. They are sticking to her origins as a fictional comic book character, but she will be Dorothy’s favorite superhero. The upcoming season will see her face off against her father Torminox, who may have a bigger role in the story, as she comes to the rescue when he is attacking Dorothy. Her time in the real world will also force her to grow out of making corny catchphrases and hero poses to understand what it means to feel pain and loss.

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The character will be added as a major recurring guest star in Doom Patrol’s fourth season, which just recently started production. She will make a great addition to the team, especially if they are building to her arc from the comics. The last tie we saw the Doom Patrol, they were embracing their heroic side with Cliff Steele stuck in the body of a giant robot. Dorothy has left the team to join the Dead Boy Detectives. As she has the ability to bring her imaginary friends to life, she may be the one to bring Casey into reality this time around. Her addition will be an exciting prospect for comic fans, and another character questioning their own existence fits perfectly into the team.

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