EXCLUSIVE: Fra Fee on a Potential Romance Between Kazi and Maya

Last week’s episode of Hawkeye gave us two new characters in the MCU; Maya Lopez and Kazi Kazimierczak. Both key players in this Christmas crime tale, the episode explores the two lieutenants’ relationship, dating back to their childhood days up until the present, where Kazi serves as Maya’s interpreter in the Tracksuit Mafia. The episode has left fans wondering about a potential romance between the two characters.

We sat down with Kazi himself, Fra Fee, for a couple of minutes and asked about the character’s relationship with Maya Lopez.

It’s interesting what we’ve actually seen so far: Kazi is acting as Maya’s interpreter but then there’s quite a bit of friction. But yes, you’re right. They are loyal to each other and have known each other for a long time. Whether that is something romantic or more in line with a brotherly and sisterly companionship is something I will allow you guys to watch yourselves. I know what I was thinking with what I wanted Kazi to feel but it would be unfair to reveal that [laughs].

Should there be a romance between them, this week’s episode certainly puts that in jeopardy as Clint makes clear the pitfalls of Maya’s quest for vengeance. Now, with an actual Black Widow in the mix of things, things will only get harder for Maya and ergo, Kazi. The final two episodes will be an amazing watch as the show reaches its climax. Let’s hope Kazi finds a way to survive whatever ordeal awaits the characters at the end.

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