EXCLUSIVE: Lucasfilm Interested In More Non-Canon ‘STAR WARS’ Content

Canon can be intimidating at times and a 40-year old franchise like Star Wars definitely fits that bill. With dozens of canonical comics published a year, multiple shows, and games within the canon in production, it’s no wonder the non-canon Star Wars: Visions feels like a nice reprieve.

I spoke with Lucasfilm VP for Franchise Story James Waugh on whether the company has an interest in producing more non-canon content like Visions to which he said:

It’s something we are interested in. The reason we approached Visions as it was is we wanted to empower specific creators within their process and medium. So much of the stuff you see in Visions… the specificity of anime as a medium justifies a lot of the storytelling. So do I think we could do more none-timeline storytelling? I think under the Visions framework, absolutely. There is a certain joy in having celebratory content that is removed from the gravitas of the canon. We’ll have to see what the fandom wants.

Judging from the critical and fan response, the verdict for Star Wars: Visions overall has been immensely positive. One of the best things about the show is its accessibility. You need only to have seen A New Hope to get the gist of what the show is all about. Here’s to hoping we get more shows like it.

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