EXCLUSIVE: New ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Set Photos Tease a Big Project by Samson Development

In December, I wrote a piece about how The Falcon and The Winter Soldier would explore some of the efforts to rebuild the world after the Blip. A big part of that rebuilding process seems to be the ever-present Samson Development Company whose motto, conveniently, is “Rebuilding Your City After the Blip.” While we don’t know what role Samson Development will have in the series (Will the company be in the background? Is it somehow related to Doctor Leonard Samson? Is the company somehow integral to the plot?), a new series of set photos from out friend @loburger indicates that as the series comes to a close, Samson Development is working on a pretty big project that could hint at something major coming down the road (it also could be hinting at nothing).

@loburger recently went down to get a closer look at the area where our exclusive set videos were shot and got us not only a good look at the signage indicating a large undertaking by Samson Development, but also some information about the production timeline of the series as well. As you can see in the photos below, Samson Development is building a massive tower located on Broad Street.

The identity of this mysterious new tower is sure to cause a stir. Could it be the Baxter Building? Possible, but unlikely as the Baxter Building is located at 42nd and Madison Ave. and very near the UN building. Oscorp? Again, possible but unlikely. As much as we’d love for it to be one of those great landmarks, at this point we do not have the evidence to support those ideas.

In addition to the interesting new tower going up on Broad Street, a closer look at one of the set photos shows a curious logo that calls back to some graffiti seen in earlier set photos.

Those set photos, which can be seen here, have fueled speculation of Captain America villain Flag-Smasher showing up in the series and this sticker might well be connected to the same perpetrators of that graffiti. While we have no context for why this logo is here or what to expect, it’s consistent with things we’ve seen before.

A final note of interest: according to @loburger’s conversation with set security, it appears that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which is now filming in the Czech Republic, is scheduled to return to Atlanta for additional filming “at the end of the month.” Hopefully we are able to gather some more photos then and continue to get an idea of what to expect from the series!

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