EXCLUSIVE: Tara Strong Talks Miss Minutes Mysterious Origins And ‘Loki’ Fan Theories

Loki has taken Marvel fans by storm as each episode slowly unraveled the sinister secrets behind the TVA. We are so close to the finale, and everyone is still wondering who is the mysterious mastermind behind the organization and the robotic Time-Keepers. There have been countless fan theories on the true identity of the man in the castle. The list includes a Loki Variant, Kang the Conqueror, and even the adorable Miss Minutes.

Luckily, our very own Charles Murphy got the chance to sit down with Miss Minutes herself, Tara Strong. She didn’t give away what we can expect in the next episode, but she gave a cheeky in-character answer when asked. She did share her love for the various fan theories that Miss Minutes is the evil mastermind behind the series. 

I love, you know, connecting with the fans and seeing what they’re doing on social media. I’ve loved all the art that’s been made. It’s been incredible. And I love all their theories, I can’t comment if things are right or not, but it’s been fun to see people so invested in the show.

She also talks about the challenge of playing Miss Minutes, who is an original creation for the show. Strong didn’t have a chance to research the character’s backstory and implied she still doesn’t know her origin. It’s a curious reveal if you consider her origin should tie directly into the TVA. Perhaps it is something they are keeping open to explore in the future if it doesn’t get answered in the upcoming finale. Whatever happens, Minutes will certainly stick with audiences and she hopefully has a long history ahead of her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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