EXCLUSIVE: Tara Strong Had No Idea She Was Auditioning for ‘Loki’s Miss Minutes

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With Loki set to wrap its first season up later this week, fans are eager to uncover the secrets of the Time Variance Authority. We were just as confused as Loki on what was going on when he got dragged into the organization’s offices for the first time. Luckily, Miss Minutes, who is a living animated clock just bursting with southern charm, explained their origin.

Minutes is voiced by none other than the famous voice actress Tara Strong. She is no stranger to superhero stories, as she worked on Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and famously voices Harley Quinn in many different shows. In a recent interview with our very own Charles Murphy, Strong revealed just how different the audition process behind this project was compared to others.

You know initially in the audition, when I get an audition it’ll have a drawing of the character, a character description, a show bible with what this world was all about, and I didn’t get any of that for Miss Minutes. In fact, I called my agent to learn more about her, because everything I get feeds into how I go into creating an audition and I auditioned first in my home studio and they couldn’t get anymore information. I didn’t even know what show I was auditioning for.

With so much mystery surrounding this process, she mentioned how she navigated her way through this process and how Miss Minutes was created. It seems she and director Kate Herron built upon her initial pitch without knowing fully what character she is going to play.

So, I’ll take between ten minutes or three hours ’till I get it exactly how I want it and they said to try one with an accent. So, I did this sort of Southern Belle and they really liked that and then it wasn’t ’till I booked it that I knew what it was and then working on the Zoom with Kate and them playing me which audition they really liked and we worked on that collabratively to get it exactly where Miss Minutes is now.

Strong‘s charming take on the character sure won fans over as she quickly became loved by fans of the show. We’ll see if we get more of Miss Minutes in the upcoming finale, but with her origin still remaining a mystery, there’s still a lot we can learn about the character.

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