It appears that Marvel Studios is pulling no punches with its first Disney + series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. As announced by Kevin Fiege at this past summer’s SDCC, the series will introduce John Walker, aka U.S. Agent, as a government sanctioned replacement for Steve Rogers, but it won’t stop there. I have learned that the series will also introduce Lemar Hoskins, aka Battlestar, as a partner to John Walker.

Lemar Hoskins made his Marvel Comics debut alongside John Walker in 1986’s Captain America #323. When John Walker was introduced to the world as Super-Patriot, Hoskins, who served alongside Walker in the military, along with two other former military men calling themselves the Bold Urban Commandos staged an attack, providing Walker with the opportunity to save the day. The Bold Urban Commandos, or BUCkies continued to dish out vigilante justice against those whose ideals opposed their own.

Hoskins, who like Walker gets superhuman strength from the Power Broker, continued working with the BUCkies as Walker’s popularity rose and his favor with the U.S. Government grew. In issue #333, Walker was appointed by the Government as the new Captain America and in issue #334, Hoskins was revealed as the new Government sponsored Bucky.

Finally, in issue #341, Hoskins donned a new outfit and began calling himself Battlestar citing the racist connotations and origins of the word Bucky as the reason for the change.

While we aren’t likely to get a direct adaptation of this origin story, it appears that Marvel Studios will be taking some cues from Mark Gruenwald’s Captain America run. Thanks to Instagram user “justbeachy4stacy”, I have gotten my hands on some set photos taken in Barnesville, Georgia that give us some insight into how Lemar Hoskins will be introduced in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Recent set photos taken of the Duluth High School football field indicate that Wyatt Russell’s John Walker will be introduced to the world via public reveal that may well be held in the town where he grew up. The following day, November 22nd, Russell was in Barnesville where the local grocery store was transformed into a flower shop: Hoskins Family Flowers.

Russell filmed scenes both inside and outside the Hoskins’ flower shop where he paid a visit to an as yet unknown actor, believed to be pictured below:

At this point we can only speculate that Walker is visiting his old friend to bring him on board with him. It’s possible that the we could see a reenactment of the staged attack when Walker is introduced at the football field, giving the newly anointed hero a chance to prove himself. It’s also possible that we’ll simply see Hoskins introduced as the new Bucky or as Battlestar. Whatever the case, it is simply awesome to see how deep showrunner Malcolm Spellman has dug to bring new characters to life.

While we know we’re getting a deep dive into the lives of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, it’s becoming obvious that John Walker is not going to be one-note character. It’s important to remember that Walker is not the villain of this project and while he’s certain to come into conflict with Sam and Bucky, he is also doing his best to be an American hero at a time when he is sorely needed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the inclusion of Lemar Hoskins in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Chime in below and let me know how you think the story will unfold.

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