FanDome: Red Hood, Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow Joining ‘TITANS’ Season 3

Titans is an interesting addition to the DC universe. It explored a darker version of the titular hero team. We saw Dick Grayson grow out of the shadows of his former mentor, as he tries to protect Raven from her demon father’s influences. It wasn’t until the second season that the actual team formed as they faced the assassin Deathstroke. He was even the reason the original team that the original team was forced to split up.

Now, DC FanDome has finally arrived and we got some info on what to expect from the upcoming season. We ended the last with Grayson embracing the Nightwing mantle. The third season was delayed due to the pandemic as it was originally going to premiere in the fourth quarter of this year. Still, many were hoping we get a first look at what the season will offer and confirmation if Jason Todd would become Red Hood.

That isn’t all as we also got the reveal that Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow will be joining the next season. They are using the next season to explore Gotham a bit. Both Barbara and Grayson are going to have to learn from their guardians mistakes, as Todd embraces his evil side once he accepts the moniker of Red Hood.


Won’t lie, I am a huge Red Hood fan. Loved the character ever since I saw the Red X version in the Teen Titans animated series. So, getting a first look at him in live-action is just great to see. No matetr


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