First Character Details for the Paramount Plus ‘FAIRLY ODDPARENTS’ Live-Action Series

Paramount +’s plans for a live-action reboot of the incredibly popular animated series, The Fairly OddParents, have begun to come into focus of late. Discussing Film recently reported the series would begin production in Los Angeles this June with Christopher J. Novak serving as showrunner. In the report, Discussing Film noted that “It is currently unknown as to how much this reboot will deviate from the beloved Fairly OddParents¬†everyone has come to know, or if the creators will even acknowledge the previous live-action films that starred Drake Bell as Timmy Turner.” Now, some details have emerged about the reboot and it seems that it will be an entirely new take on the property.

Dimmsdale | Fairly Odd Parents Wiki | Fandom

Paramount +’s Farily Oddparents will be told through the eyes of two young leads, 13-year olds “Vivian” and “Roy“, as their parents, high school sweethearts “Ty” and “Rachel“, reunite and merge their families together in the town of Dimmsdale. Vivian is described as a “fish out of water” in Dimmsdale, where she and her father, Ty, move to open a ballroom dance studio. She and her new stepbrother, Roy, an “eternal optimist” described as “generous, thoughtful and enthusiastic”, quickly become friends as Roy looks to show her just how awesome of a place Dimmsdale can be. The studio is also looking to cast another strong supporting role, “Zina“, a Dimmsdale Middle School student who has a big crush on Roy and is also extremely excited to have a new best friend in Vivian.

As you know by now, studios often use code names during casting so Vivian and Roy may not be Vivian and Roy, but it seems that unless we are getting a very unique take on Timmy Turner and family, Paramount + is starting from scratch with a new cast of characters and looking at an all-new dynamic in this comedic reboot.

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