First Look at Bruce Wayne’s Funeral in New ‘Gotham Knights’ Set Photos

gotham knights bruce wayne

Filming in Toronto seems like the perfect location to film superhero shows and ensure that set photos find their way online. Just recently, the upcoming CW series Gotham Knights has started production, and we got a few set photos of Gotham City Policy driving through town. Now, it seems a new batch of set photos have found their way online that reveal they are currently busy filming the funeral of Bruce Wayne. Twitter user @greg_tedesco has shared a closer look at the headstone which even teases his perchance of moving in the shadows.

That wasn’t all, as @wmacphail also shared a photo from the set where we can see them filming the funeral of Bruce Wayne. The actors are too far away to see who exactly is attending, but it does reveal we’ll actually get to spend some time with Bruce, or at least that the opening of the series could be his funeral before hell is unleashed on Gotham.

Some time ago, we learned that Oscar Morgan would play an original character that pretty much has the same backstory as Dick Grayson. After the death of Bruce Wayne, whose trailer has been potted, and will also physically appear in the series, his character named Turner Hayes has to unite with the children of Batman’s worst enemies to fill the void that happened after he passed away. As the series just recently started production, we still have some time until we find out how the series adapts this storyline.

Source: Twitter

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